Python OS Project Alpha(current version


Python OS Project (POP) created with idea to make a pure python OS. POP based on linux kernel (currently 2.6.32) and GNU userland utilities. A lot of utilities are already written, including base soft, like:

  • Terminal emulator (POPemu)
  • ls, ps, rm, cp, rmdir, mkdir, clear, cat, tail, bzcat, zcat, cmp, mv, wget, top, etc.
  • Installer (Python+some utilities in C)
  • mplayer frontend
  • mpd and moc frontends
  • Filemanager
  • Web-server (based on (POPweb)
  • Jabber and ICQ client (POPim)
  • Simple raster graphics editor
  • PDF, djvu viewer
  • Python games
  • and many others

We think, that OS, written in simple interpreted language, like python, allows us to dominate desktop operating systems market.

Third-party tools (Python)


  • Web browser
  • Office - DONE (In beta version)
  • X-server
  • Linux Kernel
  • Dominate desktop OS market!

We are looking for:

  • Python coders, testers.
  • Hardware for POP repositories

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